The FIRST Autoclave Fibercement Board Producer in Turkey, Year: 2001
The FIRST Self-colored Fibercement Producer in Turkey, Year: 2018


Hekim Yapı which had entered into the sector as the first autoclaved fiber cement board (HekimBoard) manufacturer in Turkey in 2004 with the know-how possessed in 2003 is the leading manufacturer in Turkey and its neighboring geography, having a total capacity of 125.000 m3 in its 3 production facilities established with its own infrastructure and technological background in 2015 and wide range of products.
Hekim Yapı which has established 3 production facilities on its own has such knowledge level and competency today as to issue a license with regard to the fibercement technology and install production facilities throughout the world as a result of its R&D and Product Development studies.

Obtained by bringing many fiber cement layers into a compact structure with a special pressing and fusion process known as Hatcheck process which a modern production method used by developed countries, HekimBoard fiber cement boards are autoclaved under high temperature and pressure to be extremely durable against the toughest athmospheric conditions. Used confidently in extreme weather conditions, from the heat of the desert to cold of the Arctic, HekimBoard fiber cement boards can be produced in plain surface and in natural stone, cedar or walnut tree, stone masonry or brick patterns with a very special production process and this feature allows for an unlimited number of aesthetic solutions.




A1 class incombustible fiber cement boards used in interior and exterior siding applications in all kinds of buildings are produced under HekimBoard brand […]


Hekim Sandwich panel products applied as roof, facade panels, fiber cement facade panels, pressboard and PET panel to be used in various areas […]


EPS (Expandable Polystyrene) thermal insulating boards used for heating and cooling buildings and for the purpose of saving from energy and fuel expenses […]


The Insulated Readymade Wall of Prefabricated Buildings, pressboards, produced in HEKIM YAPI facilities under HEKİMPAN brand, is produced by bringing HEKIMBOARD branded fiber cement boards and HEKIMPOR branded EPS insulating […]


<span class='rainbow'>HEKİMCOLORBOARD</span>


Self-colored (colored dough) fibercement boards are being produced under HekimColorBoard brand since early 2018. These products are offered to the choice of industry for the first time at the 41st Istanbul Structure Fair held in 2018. […]
<span>WALNUT</span> PATTERN


It has a cozy appearance of wood with its walnut tree pattern surface, and can be used on all surfaces where wood-like appearance is preferred. It does not deteriorate as it is resistant to water and humidity, therefore it can be applied in high-humidity regions. […]


Light Fiber Cement Board developed for Interiors and Dry Exterior Systems; BOARDIA boards, developed in European norms with HEKIM YAPI’s R&D studies, are produced in 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20 mm thickness and 1250×2500 mm or […]


Flexible Fiber Cement Boards, HEKIM YAPI have developed HEKİMBOARD FLEXIBLE fibercement boards to be used in interior and exterior facade designs with a camber under a specific measure of diameter. It is even possible to cover a round column[…]
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    28 May 2019
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    20 May 2019
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    27 February 2019
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  • Hekim Yapı to Support Training
    10 December 2018
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